2.Set up BT820 Printer on Windows via Bluetooth


Important Notes Before Setting Up Bluetooth on Windows:

1.Ensure you have correctly installed the BT820 Printer Windows driver software using the USB cable.

2.Keep the printer and computer connected with a USB cable during the installation and Bluetooth setup.

3.Ensure that your computer's Bluetooth function is turned on before initiating Bluetooth pairing.

4.Disconnect the Bluetooth pairing of BT820 Printer from your phone or tablet before initiating Bluetooth pairing on Windows.

If you are using Windows 10, please follow the steps provided in our user manual to set up Bluetooth. Refer to the video below for your reference:

If you are using Windows 11, please follow the steps below to set up Bluetooth:


Step 1: Add the Bluetooth of Printer

After driver installation, go to Settings-> Bluetooth & devices-> Printers & scanners-> Add devices-> find BT820 Printer-> Add device-> enter the PIN 0000-> click Next-> waiting for the installation-> It will add another BT820 Printer which shows up Driver is unavailable.(Please ignore it and go ahead the next steps.)

Step 2: Match the COM Port

Click Bluetooth & devices-> Devices-> Related settings-> More Bluetooth settings-click COM Ports-> select Outgoing port of Bluetooth, BT820 Printer "Serial Port"(Note:COM ports will vary depending on the numbers of your computer's Bluetooth Pairing. Please mark down the COM number, here is COM 4.)->click OK.


Step 3: Switch the Printer's USB Port to Matched Bluetooth's COM Port

Click Bluetooth & devices-> Printers Scanners-> click BT820 Printer with drop-down option (Note: Pls select the printer which not show up "Driver is unavailable".)-> Printer properties-> Ports-> find and select the matched Bluetooth port: COM 4: Serial Port (the COM port checked in Step 2)-> click OK.


Note 1: Please select the available BT820 Printer which has a drop-down option." Driver is unavailable" is Bluetooth Printer which is normal, please ignore it.

Note 2: If you can't find which COM port match with Bluetooth port, please restart your computer and printer, and setup Bluetooth from Step 2 again.



Step 4: Verify Your Bluetooth Pairing and Start Bluetooth Printing

To verify your Bluetooth was paired successfully, go to Printers & Scanners-> BT820 Printer.


Note: Please choose the correct BT820 Printer which has drop-down option, it will become visible after one minute. Please ignore the BT820 Printers that show up "Driver is unavailable".


Now you can unplug the USB cable directly from your computer, click BT820 Printer-> click "Print Test Page", If you can print it, the Bluetooth was paired correctly. You can also print a 4x6”sample label from our USB disk to verify.